Agency in the context of family migratory trajectories


Agency in the context of family migratory trajectories


Through a legal analysis of the European and Belgian legal framework of family reunification, this project makes it possible to understand the obstacles or limits to the autonomy of migrants and their life plans. The study makes it possible to deepen the strategies developed by families to exercise their autonomy within the legal framework. It is a question of analyzing how migrants organize their family lives, both at national and transnational level, within the limits imposed by the normative framework.

The research focuses on the issue of family life and deepens national and international jurisprudence that is sometimes hesitant on the issue. The difficulties of the family reunification process are highlighted. Particular attention is given to the issue of the respect of fundamental rights and the best interests of the child.  

There is an attempt to get the contours of what the notion of agency can mean in legal terms.agentivité en droit.



– Christine Flamand

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– Prof. Sylvie Sarolea

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Family trajectories and legal migration
EU Labour Migration Law and Policy
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